10 ways to style your ankle boots this winter 

Ankle boots are style chameleons. You can wear them in just about every season. But when we transition into winter, many of us completely lose our fashion bearings. It’s like we forget how to dress and how to style our favorite pieces. Yes, even versatile ankle boots. So, here are 10 ways to keep your fashion game going strong even when all you want to wear is one big blanket. 

Make a statement

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Let your boots do the talking by keeping the rest of your outfit neutral, like this all-black ensemble, paired with fire engine red ankle boots. 

Classic combinations 

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Nothing beats black leggings, a denim button-up, and a cozy camel coat, right? 

A more stylish winter shoe 

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Black ankle boots keep you looking classy even if you’re dressed like an eskimo. 

Roll up the denim 

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One of the biggest style dilemmas when wearing ankle boots is the best length for your pants. Here’s an easy solution: roll up the hem so it hits right above your boots. It’s slimming and flattering. 

The French girl approach

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A simple shift dress, black tights and a pair of brown leather ankle boots: perfection. 

Denim and faux fur

A little bit of faux fur never hurt anyone, especially when you wear it with pointy ankle boots and pencil denim jeans. 

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Layer up!

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Don’t worry about matching. This mix-up of blacks and neutrals is a winning combination. 

Show some sock

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For that tricky bit of ankle that peeps through, avoid the fuss of tucking in your pants. Instead, show off your most cozy pair of socks. 

Cozy up with a teddy coat

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An all-black outfit is the perfect backdrop for the coziest winter outwear: the teddy coat. 

Crewneck sweaters and midi skirts

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A bold day-to-night look that’s anything but demure.

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