11 health habits the royals swear by 

We can’t seem to get enough of the royals. They show us great style, and plenty of pomp and circumstance. But behind the royal spectacle, this family is pretty practical when it comes to health and wellness. In fact, you’ll be surprised at just how simple their health habits actually are. In fact, you could easily try 11 of them yourself.

Increase your fish intake

According to the former royal chef, Darren McGrady, the Queen enjoys ”grilled or poached fish with some vegetables and salad, but no potatoes or starch.”

Workout first thing in the morning

That’s what Prince Harry and his new wife, Meghan Markle, do. Even if you’re short on time, here are 10-minute workouts you can squeeze in. 

Avoid boring workouts

According to Meghan’s personal trainer in Toronto, Craig McNamee, Meghan enjoys circuit based strength training for a full-body workout that’s both dynamic and varied.

Remember to do planks

Ever wonder how Kate Middleton tones her abs? She does planks three ways: basic, side and prone sky dive plank, holding each one for 45 seconds and repeating them 10 times. 

Have a routine

Boring workouts aren’t great, but for days when you don’t have time to experiment with fitness, stick to a tried and true fitness routine, like Meghan’s 6-mile loop around Kensington Palace.

Eat lots of fruits and vegetables

You are what you eat, and lately, Kate Middleton is loading up on raw fruits and vegetables for glowing skin and healthy hair and nails.

Workout in your bedroom

You don’t need a fancy gym membership to get fit. Prince William is known to workout in his bedroom before breakfast. His routine? The 5BX plan, which includes five exercises that target every muscle group. 

Limit your meat intake

You don’t have to go vegan if you don’t want to, but trying Meatless Mondays, like part-time vegan, Meghan, can help you make room for other high protein foods.

Don’t deprive yourself

According to Meghan, “It’s all about balance…I don’t ever want to feel deprived. I feel that the second you do that is when you start to binge on things. It’s not a diet; it’s lifestyle eating.”

Invest in a personal trainer

Sure, this is a more expensive route, but a personal trainer can help you stay accountable and reach your fitness goals, like it did for Prince Harry. 

Eat your eggs

The royals don’t shy away from eggs and neither should you. They’re a great source of protein, good for your cholesterol and super versatile. 

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