11 ways to style white jeans 

Now that Memorial Day is behind us, we can trade in our dark denim and wear white jeans instead. But switching from blues and blacks to crispy white can actually throw even the most savvy fashionista for a loop. How in the world do you style white jeans? If that’s your current wardrobe dilemma, these 11 styling tips can save your summer looks.

White jeans and yellow tops

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It’s hard to have a more summery look. Nothing pops quite so well with white denim as a sunny yellow top. 

White jeans and loafers

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A great way to style up your white jeans is with a pair of brown loafers for a more toned down look.

White jeans with a basket bag

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Jane Birkin looks positively chic with a pair of white denim jeans and a rustic basket bag. 

White jeans with gingham

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Wear this season’s gingham trend with a pair of crisp white jeans for a quintessential summer outfit. 

White jeans and a straw hat

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Channel some chic Parisian vibes with accessories like a straw hat for an easy, effortless look. 

White jeans and stripes 

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This sharp combination gives you instant style. 

White jeans with Converse shoes

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If you like to keep it casual, lace up your converse and hit the streets with a more playful outfit. 

White jeans and a leather jacket

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For a bold, contrasting outfit, pair a sharp leather jacket with your white denim. 

White jeans with ringer crewneck tees

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For casual outings, this throwback tee is perfect for everyday.  

White jeans and a blue denim jacket

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Who says you can’t wear denim with denim? Here, a blue denim jacket looks fresh with white jeans.

White jeans with polo shirts 

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Channel your inner Katharine Hepburn with a classic polo and white jeans. 

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