3 exercises to sculpt your upper body 

Upper body strength is something women need to build up. We just have less of it than men. And this exercise circuit combines three simple, but super effective moves to tone your chest and sculpt your shoulders and triceps. Plus, it seriously engages your core. So, when you need a break from your lower body exercise routine, and want to focus on your upper body, give this circuit a try.

Fitness coach, Anna Victoria, came up with routine, and before you get started, be forewarned: “You won’t be able to lift your arms tomorrow,” she says, “But you’ll have toned, strong and sexy arms.” Sounds like a good trade off, right?

1st move: Dumbbell Chest Press

Source: www.youtube.com

How many: 15 reps using 20 lb dumbbells 

How to: Lie on a bench, with both feet firmly planted on the ground. Engage your core, and lift both weights straight above your shoulders. When lowering your arms, keep your forearms from dipping below your shoulders.

2nd move: Dumbbell One-Arm Chest Press

Source: www.oprah.com

How many: 10 reps on each side with 20 lb dumbbells 

How to:  Same as above. But here, just lift one arm at a time. 

3rd move: Decline Push-Up 

Source: www.letmelearnya.com

How many: 10 reps

How to: Put your feet up on the bench and move into plank position. Do the classic push up from here. 

Do this circuit five times. And remember, you can modify as needed. If 20 lb weights are too much, choose something lighter. Similarly, if five circuits is more than you can handle at this point, aim for three good circuits instead. 

In short, meet your (upper) body where it’s at and do the best you can. This way, you can avoid injury, keep your fitness journey consistent, and see some serious results.

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