It’s that time of year when no one really knows what to wear. It feels like half of our closet is still summery, and the other half is ready for crispy fall leaves and chai lattes. Basically, it’s time for transitional wardrobes. You know, when you can get away with wearing something light and flirty and something substantial to keep you cozy. To keep your style going strong now that it’s transition time, here are four must-have items to welcome into your wardrobe. 

Trench Coat

J. Crew Dion Trench Coat Source:

Classic and timeless, you can wear this over a basic tee or blouse, or even thick sweaters. What’s more, it’s easy to style up or down, so you can wear it as your day to evening piece. 

Ankle boots

Blondo Nova Waterproof Bootie  Source:

A good pair of booties will never disappoint. For one thing, they’re incredibly practical and keep your feet warm and dry. Plus, they just go well with jeans, dresses and skirts. If you style them right, you could even get away with wearing them with your lounge wear.

Leather skirt


Spanx® Faux Leather Pencil Skirt Source:

Leather skirts just feel a bit more substantial, don’t they? And when the weather feels nippy, pair them with some tights or leggings for some added warmth.

Graphic tee

French Connection Chérie Tee Source:

Graphic tees aren’t exactly fall and winter items. But when the temperature drops, they do look great under an otherwise-boring cardigan or blazer. What’s more, the right tee will pull your entire outfit together, making it look like you put way more effort into your look than you actually did.

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