Do you find yourself saying, “I have nothing to wear.” Even when your standing in front of a wardrobe full of clothes? If that’s the case, it’s time to return to an old favorite: denim. Your denim pieces are just the thing you need to escape your current style rut and create a winning outfit. Skeptical? Keep reading for 4 expert tips from top stylists.

Mix denim with pops of color

Sophie Lopez is styled the likes of Kate Hudson and Christie Brinkley. And now, you can enjoy her style wisdom, too. Mix denim with pops of bright color. The denim is low-key and offers a chill counterpart to bolder colors, like Hudson’s outfit below


Pair with unexpected pieces

Sarah Slutsky styles leading ladies like Emma Watson and Elizabeth Olson, and her tip is to branch out and pair your denim with unexpected details. Billowing sleeves, floral embroidery, or bright alligator flats. You choose!

Below, Slutsky is pictured with a bold floral blouse and distressed denim.


Make denim the tough element in your outfit

Allure fashion director, Rajni Jacque likes to pair denim jeans with dresses to give her outfit an edgier feel. Below, Jacque layers denim on denim with not one, but two, maxi dresses, for an outfit that’s creative and pushes all fashion boundaries.


Wear denim with menswear inspired pieces

Former editor at both Glamour and, Rachael Wang likes to top high-waisted denim jeans with men’s shirts. Here Wang pairs a playful pair of denim with a basic striped Oxford shirt for an ensemble that combines both his and her looks.


3 reasons why your menstrual flow is so heavy 

Having your period every month is already a challenge, but it’s even worse when you deal with a heavy flow, or menorrhagia. You fly through your menstrual products, you’re always afraid of leaking through your outfits, and it’s also just not normal. So, if you’re fed up with a heavy menstrual flow, here are three potential causes to take into consideration.

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