Smack dab in the middle of summer, the 4th of July is the perfect opportunity to celebrate American history, eat a hot dog (or two) and play with your outfits. Now, that doesn’t mean you have to walk around in stars and stripes. In fact, these five 4th of July fashion looks are independent and slightly rebellious. Our forefathers would be proud.

Classic denim and plaid


There’s nothing quite so American as denim jeans and a plaid shirt. And while you probably don’t have a plaid tank or tee, pair your long sleeve button down with a white tee – perfect for cool summer evenings. 

Go with gingham


Gingham is a hot trend this year, and this summer favorite is a fun choice for your 4th of July parties. It’s light, festive and works with just about everything. 

Wear a white dress


If you can’t wear a white dress in July, when can you really? This summer essential is a throw back style but it feels so fresh and trendy, too. 

Embrace stripes


Just because you wear stripes doesn’t mean you have to look like the American Flag – they’re will be plenty of those, and you don’t want to blend in.  So, be a rebel and embrace stripes in other colors.  

Overalls and a crop top


Whether you have long overalls or the short style, wear them with cute crop top and a bandeau for a summery boho look.

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