A healthy brownie seems like a big oxymoron. Brownies are usually loaded with sugar and processed ingredients – a far cry from health food. On top of that, a “healthy” brownie just seems to fall short of all that gooey chocolatey goodness that makes a brownie a brownie. But these five amazing brownie recipes prove that you can have your cake and eat it, too – they’re doctor approved and they actually taste delish.

Certified doctor of natural medicine and clinical nutritionist, Joshua Axe, wants you to stay healthy, but he wants you to have a good time along the way. And he and his team of health experts definitely know how to deliver some seriously good eats to help you do just that. After all, it’s no fun feeling deprived. 

Sweet Potato Brownies Recipe

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This grain-free recipe uses basic baking ingredients, but the two special ingredients here are sweet potato purée and avocado. This means, you’ll get lots of Vitamin A, along with heart-healthy fats. 

Black Bean Brownies Recipe

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Here, Dr. Axe swaps out wheat-based flour with a grain-free alternative. These brownies are also totally free of any refined sugar. 

Paleo Zucchini Brownies with Dark Chocolate Chips 

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Don’t be deterred by zucchini! They don’t ruin the flavor. Instead, they make these brownies moist and dense, while also providing lots of nutrition. On top of that, these brownies are low on the glycemic index while still tasting absolutely divine. 

Chocolate Caramel Coconut Flour Brownies

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It’s hard to believe that something with a name like that can actually be healthy, but anything’s possible! Dark chocolate chips, cacao powder and maple syrup make these brownies decadent. They’re also loaded with antioxidants and have a lower glycemic index than other brownies.

Paleo Brownies Recipe with 7 Perfect Ingredients

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Last but definitely not least, these paleo brownies take the cake. And you don’t have to follow a paleo diet to enjoy them. They’re free of processed sugar, grain-free, but chock full of chocolatey goodness. 

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