HIIT training has become the panacea for a fit body, but HIIT isn’t for everyone. And if that includes you, you have two options: you can do HIIT and hate it, or you can find something you enjoy. Imagine that! That’s why these five barre-inspired workout moves are a godsend. And bonus! You don’t need a barre.

Plank with knee bends

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Planks with knee bends are super effective for toning abs, quads, hamstrings and even upper back muscles. Place elbows directly below shoulders and gently drop knees to the ground and return to starting position, remember to keep your hips straight.

Pigeon pose booty lift

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Place your right leg behind you, and your right hand on your left foot. Place your left hand on the ground, parallel to your left knee. Now, lift your back leg using only your glute muscles.


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This is a simple yet classic move for arm and ab muscles. Remember to keep hands and legs shoulder-width apart and balance on the balls of your feet. While doing the pushups, keep glutes squeezed and abs zipped up the entire time.

Ballerina leg lifts

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Start with your feet in a V shape. Then, lift one leg using the inner thigh and quad muscles, and hold your leg up using your ab and lower back muscles before lowering it back down. Be sure your movements are controlled for a more effective workout. 

Reverse Pushups

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This move works the largest arm muscle group: the triceps. Keep your legs hip-width apart, with hands behind your body and fingers pointing forward. Your glutes should be about 10 inches in front of your hands. When bending your elbows, they should go directly behind you. Avoid straightening or locking your arms.

Do you skip strength training, thinking it’s going to make you bulky and muscle-y? You’re not alone. Close to 80 percent of Americans workout, but avoid strength training. If you’re one of them, you’re missing out. Once you stack up the amazing health benefits women can get from lifting weights, it doesn’t make sense to avoid strength training anymore. 

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