You love your lipstick, but you hate that you can’t make it look as good in real life as it does in the ads. Well, there’s no magic involved, but there are some tricks you need to know. If your lipstick skills are in need of some top notch beauty advice, these five beauty secrets will give you long-lasting and fabulous lips.

Camila Coelho is an Instagram queen and beauty goddess. With over seven million followers, this lady knows a thing or two about beauty. She’s now teamed up with Lisa Eldridge and Lancome Official to launch her very own lipstick line called L’Absolu Rouge X Camila Coelho. 

To help you love your lips and the lipstick you wear, Coelho dishes out her best lipstick secrets. Here they are:

Exfoliate your lips

A gentle scrub, once a week is all you need to remove any dead skin cells that builds up on your lips. 

Remember to use lip liner

You don’t have to use lip liner to prevent lipstick from bleeding. Instead, use it to create the perfect pout.

Try bright colors

If you’re not used to wearing bright lip shades, you might feel terrified of puckering up with a brazen red. If that’s you, try blotting a little color on your lips and see how it goes. The next time, try blotting on a little more to increase the intensity. 

Blot, blot, blot

To have long-lasting lipstick, remember to blot with tissue. This helps give it a natural looking effect all day long.

Your eye cream can double as lip cream

The skin under your eyes is the most delicate skin on your entire face. So, you can actually use your under eye cream as a lip cream, too. Why? To help hydrate your lips and reduce wrinkles. 

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