Easter is just a few days away, and if you celebrate this holiday, you know just how delicious it can be. From succulent roasts to yummy desserts, Easter is a fun culinary holiday. So, if you’re enjoying Easter break, spring vacation or just want an Easter-inspired spring dessert, you’ll want to check out these beautiful treats.

Easter Bunny Coconut Cake

Source: www.jennysteffens.blogspot.com

This adorable bunny cake would be especially fun if you have children in your family. And if you think it’s just a bunny-shaped cake with coconut topping, think again. There’s a cream cheese layer inside, too.

Vanilla Bean Pistachio Cake

Source: www.tornadoughalli.com

For a more elegant option, look no further than this light and airy vanilla bean and pistachio cake. It might seem fancy, but it’s actually easier to make than it looks. And if you love vanilla and pistachios, you’re going to love this darling cake.

Easter Candy Bark

Source: www.thesweetestoccasion.com

This tantalizing chocolate bark is delicious mess. With melted chocolate as your base, you can use Cadbury mini eggs, and spring-colored chocolates, like the recipe does here, or you can include whatever you like for the ultimate Easter candy bark.

Mini Easter Egg Cakes

Source: www.thecakeblog.com

These little works of art are sure to impress everyone who lays eyes on them. You begin with store-bought poundcake, and then get to work with fondant and pretty color gel pastes. Yes, it does take a bit of commitment, but as you can see, it’s well worth the effort.

Easy and Perfect Macarons

Source:  www.thespruce.com

There’s nothing especially “Easter” about macaron. They’re a classic French treat, but with colors this light and springy, they do make the most stylish treat for this holiday. And if you’re afraid to experiment with this quintessential dessert, this easy recipe promises perfect macarons every time.

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