We all love the Queen. She’s gorgeous, she’s glowing, and just look at her body. And while Beyoncé might be our favorite diva, this girl definitely works for her looks. Her personal trainer has shared the moves that make up Beyoncé’s total body workout. And yes, it’s one heck of a workout. Dare to try these five exercise moves?

Beyoncé’s personal trainer, Marco Borges, shares that the Queen’s workout is based on “Power Moves”. 

What are power moves? They’re something Borges created to work all four major joints: shoulders, hips, elbows and knees.

On top of this, each move incorporates different major muscle groups so you can really optimize your workout. 

Isn’t that the kind of workout we busy ladies need?

So, without further ado, here are five Power Moves from Beyoncè’s total body workout. Each one incorporates all four joints. 

Beyonce does 12-15 reps of each move and three to four rounds.

Squat and press

Source: www.popsugar.com

Holding dumbbells, drop into a squat and when you return to standing, lift dumbbells up overhead. 

Cobra planks

Source: www.theflexiblechef.com

Start in cobra position, straighten arms and press toes onto mat. Then, come into plank before lowering back to starting position. Repeat.

Reverse dips

Source: www.fireupfitness.com

Place hands on the bench or chair behind you, draw legs close to the bench. Lower your body, while your elbows bend straight behind you.

Pike push ups

Source: www.oxygenmag.com

Start in downward facing dog, and bend elbows, aiming to top the ground with the top of your head. 

Heel touch crunches 

Source: www.blog.paleohacks.com

Lie on back with feet flat on the ground and bent. Extend arms along your side. Lifting head, neck and shoulders, reach each arm to your heels, working your obliques.

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President Donald Trump signed an executive order ending the separation of children and their parents at the U.S.-Mexico border, but it is unclear how and if that will change the current living conditions of those children currently in the facilities throughout Texas. Activists who have visited these places describe the treatment of immigrant children as both neglectful and criminal action. 

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