5 hacks that make morning workouts easier 

We have the best of intentions. We want to do a morning workout, but doing it feels impossible. Sure, there are so many great reasons why an early morning workout is a good idea, but that doesn’t make it any easier to jump out of bed and onto your mat. What you need is a fool-proof strategy. And these five hacks are your ticket to an easier morning workout routine.

Prep your fitness clothes before going to bed

Save yourself time and mental energy, and lay your clothes out before you sleep. If they’re comfortable, you can even sleep in them.

Sleep, sleep, sleep

It goes without saying that if you go to bed late, it’s harder to rouse yourself in the morning. So, get your sleep to support your workout.

No more snooze button

Once the alarm goes off, it’s up and Adam. If you hit that snooze button, you’re wasting precious workout time, and you’ll regret it later on.

Be kind and have coffee

It’s cruel and unusual punishment to start jumping around when you’re half asleep. If coffee is your jam, do yourself a favor and make yourself a cup, or at least a couple much-needed sips. 

If you’re not into coffee, have a refreshing peppermint green tea. And to guarantee that you get to have your coffee or tea before working out, prep it the night before.

Have your reward ready

You’re never to old for positive reinforcement. And getting up early and making time for your workout is something to celebrate – even if it’s with your favorite breakfast bowl, or a a stop at your favorite cafe. 


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