We all know it’s important to love your own body and work with what you got. But it’s hard to look at Kim Kardashian and not notice her sculpted booty. If you secretly want a booty like that – especially with bikini season upon us – this post is for you. Kardashian’s trainer has revealed six of her favorite moves that lift and shape the booty. 

Before you go crazy with this sculpted booty workout, Kardashian’s trainer, Melissa Alcantara,  reminds eager ladies that “The legs are a large muscle group and need time to recover. That’s when they grow, that’s when everything happens.” 

So, don’t be afraid to do this workout two or three times a week, and take rest days in between.  

When it comes to weights, you should be able to complete the workouts, but feel challenged towards the end of each move.  Now, let’s talk about those six magic moves.

Walking Lunges

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Remember to control your movement. When you do, “you are allowing your quadriceps to stretch with focus and therefore maximize your results,” according to Alcantara. 

Elevated Glute Bridge

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This move is great because it develops your hamstrings and glutes. 

Elevated Goblet Squats

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This move helps you get stronger legs and booty, while also giving you better hip and ankle mobility, shares Alcantara. 

Glute Kickbacks

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For an ultimate booty workout, Alcantara says you should focus on moving your leg and foot up to the ceiling instead of just behind you. 

Bulgarian Split Squats

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The best speed for this move is to control your movement going down and to increase your speed when you lift back up. That way, you can give your quads a good stretch and build up lots of tension in your muscles. 

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