If you wake up feeling hungry and ravenous, it’s important to eat a nutritious breakfast. It’s the best way to stabilize blood sugar, get some much-needed energy and start your day off right. But you might not always have time to putz away in the kitchen. So, try these five overnight oatmeal recipes for a quick, nutritious breakfast.

Carrot Cake Overnight Oats

Source: www.fitfoodiefinds.com

A tasty mix of grated carrots, chia seeds and warm spices, including cinnamon and allspice, help to make this overnight oatmeal a special morning treat. 

Blueberry Coconut Overnight Oats

Source: www.eatgood4life.com

This colorful breakfast is creamy with almond milk and coconut flakes. You also get a tasty serving of antioxidants thanks to the fresh blueberries, while chia seeds provide a healthy dose of omega-3 fatty acids. 

Vanilla Matcha Overnight Oats

Source: www.rachlmansfield.com

Matcha powder gives this breakfast a soothing green color, while providing a little kick of caffeine and antioxidants. Vanilla extract, almond milk and chia seeds make it extra yummy, too.

Acai Overnight Oats

Source: www.fannythefoodie.com

Acai smoothie bowls are great, but they’re not always very filling. By adding acai to your overnight oats, you get the best of both worlds: lots of flavor and something substantial that keeps you going. 

Chocolate coconut overnight oats

Source: www.occasionallyeggs.com

This decadent little breakfast is loaded with cacao powder, chia and sunflower seeds, hemp hearts and creamy coconut yogurt. Bon appetite!