“I love you.” It’s a phrase you probably say a lot to your partner, family and even friends. But the more we say this three-word phrase, the less powerful it can be. In fact, saying “I love you” might not help the other person feel loved. So, here are five simple ways to convey love instead of just saying “love”.  Here are five simple gestures how to make someone feel loved.

Why is it so important to help someone feel loved? According to psychologist Abraham Maslow, humans need things like safety, food, shelter. But along with these basic needs, humans also need love to survive and thrive.

Penn State University recently conducted a study on what it takes to feel loved, and they found that every-day gestures can be powerful ways to make someone feel loved. Here are five of them:

Check something off their “to do” list

Instead of a grand gesture, show you care by cleaning up after dinner, going grocery shopping, or even getting up early to make coffee in the morning.


Getting cozy with someone helps to increase your feelings of love, so take an opportunity to snuggle often.

Make your gifts personal

When you put a little thought and consideration into the gift, it not only makes the person feel loved, but it also makes them feel like you know and understand them – which is such a great gift to give!

Prepare food

Research shows that offering and sharing food is a way to show affection and love. What’s more, it’s a tasty way to enjoy time together.

Give them a call or write a note

Instead of waiting for birthdays or for when you need someone, why not contact someone just because? This can help people feel loved and appreciated just the way they are.

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