If you’re a single woman, you might be dreading Valentine’s Day and all the romance that saturates this holiday. But you don’t need a partner to enjoy this love fest. In fact, it can be a good time even when you’re flying solo. So, here are five ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day as a single woman.

Buy yourself flowers

Who says you need to wait for a boyfriend before you can enjoy a bouquet of fresh flowers? You, too, can head over to the florist’s shop and hand-select your favorite blooms.

Treat yourself to a mani-pedi

Give yourself a little TLC with a visit to your favorite salon or spa for a relaxing pampering session. And the best part is, you don’t have to do this for anyone else, or to impress anyone else. It’s just for you.

Stay in and get cozy

Sometimes, there’s a lot of pressure to go out and defy your singleness, but if that’s too stressful, just focus on what feels right for you. And that can mean staying in, with a cozy dinner, pajamas and your favorite film.

Send Valentine Cards anyways

Put on your favorite playlist and create some sweet little hand-written Valentine’s. It’s a great way to celebrate your favorite BFF’s.

Enjoy a single girls’ night out

If you feel alone, chances are, your other single girlfriends do, too. So, get dolled up, and hit the town just to have fun together. If you meet a handsome stranger, great! But always know that you have your best pals to laugh with to your heart’s content.

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