5 yoga moves to detox and cleanse

Everyday, most of us are exposed to lots of toxins. From the foods we eat, to beauty and household products, to environmental pollution, it’s easy for toxins to accumulate in the body. That’s why detoxing and cleansing is so important. And along with dietary detox, there are also yoga moves to help cleanse the body and flush away toxins. Here are five yoga postures you can incorporate into your practice, or do on your own.

Fists into abdomen

Source: www.yogajournal.com

Yoga instructor, Lauren Imparato, includes this pose in her detox sequence. Simply sit on your shins, and zip up your abdomen. Then, make fists and press them firmly onto your abdomen. Breath in and out.

Wide-legged forward bend

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Stand with your feet wide apart, and gradually lower your head toward the floor. This pose compresses and stimulates the digestive system. It also supports healthy circulation, too.

Chair pose with a twist

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Twists are an excellent way to detox. By putting gentle pressure on the liver, kidney and spleen, it helps to stimulate your body to flush away toxins. It’s also a great way to increase your heart rate and wake up the body.

Eagle pose

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This balancing pose helps to flush the circulatory and lymph system. Just remember to breathe deep while holding this pose. Afterwards, stand still and notice how you feel.

Spine twist

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This twist is much more relaxing then the eagle pose, but it still helps to detoxify the body, by massaging the internal organs and helping your body eliminate the buildup of toxins. This is a great pose to do at the end of your yoga practice.

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