7 probiotic rich breakfast ideas for glowing skin

Probiotics are a hot topic in the health and wellness industries. And for good reason. They help to balance the body’s microbiome. But they’re not just important for gut health. In fact, probiotics are a top beauty ingredient, too. And while you can use probiotic-infused skincare products, you can also enjoy a probiotic packed breakfast for glowing skin, too. Here are seven yummy ideas to try.

Peach and Kefir Smoothie Bowl

Source: www.goop.com

Using kefir in your smoothie bowl is an excellent way to get a tasty serving of powerful probiotics. Organic blueberries provide a juicy burst of antioxidants, too.

Fluffy Kefir Pancakes

Source: www.gastrosenses.com

When you have more time to spare, this weekend breakfast idea is a great way to get some probiotics into your diet. Since kefir is a naturally fermented food, it helps dough to rise, giving them that perfect fluffy texture.

Berry-Licious Smoothie Bowl

Source: www.alattefood.com

If you can’t get your hands on kefir, this colorful smoothie bowl is an easy alternative. Using protein- and probiotic-packed Greek yogurt, along with fresh berries, this breakfast is ideal for a glowy complexion. 

Scrambled eggs and kimchi

Source: www.plated.com

Eggs are a complete protein that support healthy cholesterol levels. Go even further by adding kimchi – a Korean condiment made of fermented vegetables. 

Cultured Breakfast Macro Bowl

Source: www.thefullhelping.com

If you enjoy a savory breakfast, this bowl is jam-packed with fermented veggies, healthy whole grains and legumes for a well-rounded meal. 

Easy Yogurt Overnight Oats

Source: www.shebakeshere.com

With a little prep work the night before, you can enjoy a filling and probiotic-rich breakfast by adding yogurt to your overnight oats. Yum!

“Golden Milk” Turmeric Smoothie

Source: www.loveandzest.com

This 4-ingredient smoothie uses a banana, mango kefir and turmeric for a breakfast smoothie that will give you lots of glow.