Hot summer days are getting closer and closer. And while that means you get to wear your favorite summer outfits, it also means you have to deal with summer hair. Between sweat, frizz and flyaways, summer hair can be a nightmare. To keep you looking fabulous and put together even if humidity is off the charts, here are seven star-inspired hairstyles perfect for hot summer days and nights.

Julianne Hough’s French braids


Julianne Hough rocks a romantic side braid that keeps hair out of your face and off your neck. To help the braid stay in place, spray some dry shampoo into your hair before braiding.

Gwen Stefani’s Top Knot


This quick hairstyle is easy to pull off with either wet or dry hair. And to give you that effortless look, don’t overthink it. Just twist and go.

Sonam Kapoor’s Twisted Bun


For something a little more elegant, recreate this side bun by rolling hair back behind your head. Then, wrap the twisted strands together in a laissez faire hair style.

Olivia Palermo’s Low Ponytail


When you’re in a rush, this low ponytail is a lifesaver. To keep it from looking to stiff and professional, you can gently loosen strands to frame your face.

Gigi Hadid’s Beachy Waves


If your hair is going to get wavy, just embrace it and go with beachy waves. Using a hair product for your hair type can give you that seaside appeal.

Blake Lively’s Fishtail Braid


Blake kills two birds with one stone with a high ponytail and a messy fishtail braid. Do one or both for a fun hairstyle that defies summer heat.

Sienna Miller’s Tousled Lob


No one wants to use hot styling tools when it’s already boiling outside. So, just wash your hair with a conditioning shampoo and texturizing spray to add some natural waves.

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