7 ways to style a mini shift dress

Unlike the figure flattering wrap dress, the mini shift dress is basically a box. Sure, it’s classic and comfortable, but it’s also easy to get lost in this shapeless little dress. Not exactly the wow piece you want to wear, right? But instead of shoving your mini shift dress to the back of the closet, slip it on. That’s because we’ve got seven easy ways to style it up.

Keep it casual

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A shift dress doesn’t highlight your waist, but when you tie a casual sweater or cardigan around your hips, voila! Pair it with your favorite pair of kicks for an easy summer look.

Statement necklaces 

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If you’re dress is plain, let your statement jewelry steal the show. A simple shift dress is the perfect backdrop for chunky, bold jewelry as shown here.

Wear bold patterns 

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Wearing a shift dress with bold, statement patterns keeps this dress from looking boring and shapeless. Just remember to keep your accessories simple.

Moto leather jacket

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Adding length with layers is a smart way to style up your mini shift dress. A classic black Moto leather jacket transforms the shift dress into something instantly sexy. 

Accessories, accessories!

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Now’s the perfect time to go all out with your accessories. A statement pair of sunnies? A flashy leopard print handbag? Fabulous heels? You can (and should!) bring them all together. 

Keep it above the knee

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How long or short your shift dress is depends on you, your height and your body shape. But whatever you do, keep it above your knee for the most flattering look. 

Denim jacket 

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Combine two great classics in this winning outfit – perfect for unpredictable weather.

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