7 yoga poses for weight loss

Did you know that you can burn fat and build muscle with yoga? It’s true. Yoga isn’t just a spiritual mind-body practice. It can also support your weight loss efforts. So, if you’d like a break from intense cardio and strength training, here are seven yoga poses to amp up your weight loss journey.

Boat pose or paripurna navasana

Source: www.yogamagazine.com

This pose is great for strengthening and toning abs, but you can definitely work up a sweat while doing this balancing pose, too. See if you can begin holding this pose for 10 to 20 seconds, and gradually work your way to one minute. Remember to breathe!

Half boat pose or arch navasana

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If the full boat pose is too much of a challenge, don’t worry. The half boat pose is also a great weight loss pose. It can light a fire in your abdomen. So, if you feel them burning, it’s a great sign!

Warrior II pose or virabhadrasana II

Source: www.alexandriastylebook.com

This pose refers to a fierce warrior and it definitely boosts stamina. If possible, hold this posture for 30 seconds, or up to one minute before switching to the other side.

Extended side angle pose or utthita parsvakonasana

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This is a good pose to follow Warrior II. While it activates the thigh muscles, it’s also a wonderful core workout. 

Four-limbed staff pose or chaturanga dandasana

Source: www.augustyoga.com

You may be familiar with this pose since it’s a part of the common Sun Salutation sequence. However, practicing this pose on its own offers you an intense full body workout. 

Side plank or vasisthasana

Source: www.popsugar.com

Holding a side plank for up to 30 seconds or even one minute is a powerful abdomen workout. Just remember to keep good form to maximize your workout and avoid injury.

Chair pose or utkatasana

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Get ready to sweat with this powerful pose. It activates the quadriceps – you’ll be so relieved when it’s over!

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