The midi skirt is a classic piece you can wear all year long. But there’s no better time to play with it than during the summer months – especially if you’re bored with all your other outfits. So, if you need some style inspiration, here are nine fresh and fun ways to style your midi skirt this week.

All the stripes 


No matter what the print, patter or color, a striped top always looks great above a midi skirt. 

With your favorite pair of sneakers


Sure, Grace Kelly made the midi skirt iconic and elegant, but you can take it down a notch with lace-ups like these.

Try an oversized sweater


For a relaxed, yet chic look, layer an oversized sweater over your midi skirt – perfect for when you’re dealing with bloating, air-conditioned spaces and cooler temperatures. 

Toughen up with a bomber jacket


If frills and flouncy skirts aren’t your thing, add some edge with a bomber jacket. It’s also a great outfit for when the weather transitions. 

Tie up your white button down 


Most of us have at least one classic white button-down shirt in our closet. For a fresh summer look, tie it in a knot with your midi skirt.

With a crop top


Don’t wait to wear your bikini to show off your abs. Wear an elegant skirt with a cute op top and voila! 

Mix and match


‘Have an unusual pattern? Don’t be shy – pair it with another print or pattern for something fun and fresh.

Metallic and denim


Not sure how to deal with your metallic midi skirt? Take it down a notch with a cool denim jacket. 

Tulle it down 


If you don’t want to look like a princess with a tulle midi skirt, wear a basic denim button down, or even a striped tee for a casual, everyday look. 

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