American rapper, Cardi B, is making waves in the music industry, and now she’s venturing into the world of fashion with her new colab with Fashion Nova. And even though Cardi B might be on the rise, climbing the music charts, this female rapper is keeping things real with a clothing line that’s high-end style but actually affordable.

Cardi B is already a big fan of fast fashion brand, Fashion Nova. She’s featured their pieces in her song lyrics, in a music video, and this Bronx native wears them whenever she darn well pleases.

So, it only makes sense that a Cardi B Fashion Nova colab is on the way.

And here’s what Cardi B said about the upcoming line, “With Fashion Nova, they gave me the opportunity to design what I like and what I want to put out. I’m going to put out a line with them, a little something-something…for the fall. It’s going to be crazy because it’s what I like.”

And even though this new line is going to be coming from a rising star, you can expect to see prices that fit your budget. Cardi B says, “I know that a lot of people cannot afford expensive…so everything is going to be affordable. I want people to look good and look high-end with a good budget price and that’s the perfect opportunity. I’m excited for that.”

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