On Wednesday night, Chrissy Teigen and John Legend happily welcomed their second child, a baby boy, into their family. The couple has a two-year old daughter, Luna Simone Stephens, who, according to father, Legend doesn’t know “exactly what it means to have a sibling yet.” But that will change pretty soon!

Teigen made the announcement on Twitter (@chrissyteigen) saying, “Somebody’s herrrrrrre!” Along with bottles and waving emojis. Legend proudly retweeted Teigen’s post.

The baby boy arrives early, as he wasn’t due until next month, but his birth couldn’t have come one day too soon. Just last week, Teigen tweeted, “happy pregnant Chrissy is gone. Meet OVER IT Chrissy. Wanna hold my boy lets do thisssssss.”

And maybe the little guy got the message seeing that he arrived ahead of schedule.

Teigen and her fans also commented that this pregnancy seemed to last forever, and the model agreed saying on Twitter, “It feels worse for me because with IVF you know *so* early one. I mean I knew I was pregnant at 11 days in. Crazy.”

But the long wait is over, and his arrival comes after struggles with fertility. Teigen has shared, that “We would have had kids five, six years ago if it happened. It’s been a process. We’ve seen fertility doctors.”

In the hours after their son’s arrival, the couple is no doubt enjoying getting to know him. As of now, they haven’t revealed any more details or information about baby number two.

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