Having a wardrobe that you love seems like an impossible feat for most women. That’s because no matter what your style or age, ladies have one thing in common: they have a closet full of clothes and ironically, “nothing to wear”. And if that’s you, then you’ll want to keep reading for these top tips to help you create a wardrobe you actually want to wear.

How did you end up with so many clothes and accessories that always leave you feeling unsatisfied? According to bestselling author Carol Tuttle, creator of Dressing Your Truth, “The problem is not the quantity – the problem is that you have too many clothes that don’t make you look good, or more importantly, feel good!”

So, to help you find clothes that make you look and feel amazing, go to your wardrobe with Tuttle’s five questions. They’ll help you eliminate what doesn’t suit you, and help you make space for what looks fabulous on you instead.

Do I love my shoes?

Don’t focus on whether they’re trendy shoes right now, or whether they’re your favorite celebrity’s favorite pair of shoes. Focus on you. Do you love them?

Do I love wearing every piece of jewelry I own?

Jewelry isn’t a museum piece that sits in a box all the time. It’s meant to be worn. So, if you’re not wearing your jewelry. Ask yourself why. If it’s because you don’t like it, replace it. If it’s because you do love, it’s time to allow yourself to wear it.

How old is my purse?

Having an old, tattered bag can make you feel second-best. Why not invest in a bag that will stand the test of time and liven up your outfits?

Do I love it?

This is a lengthy process, but don’t shy away from it. It’s time to come face-to-face with every clothing item and accessory you own and ask yourself the all-important question: Do I love it? If not, why are you keeping it?

Do I have mostly black clothes?

According to Tuttle, it’s a fashion myth that the color black works for everyone. If it’s the wrong color for you, it can weight you down, dull your skin and leave you feeling heavy. So, it’s time to ask yourself how the color black makes you feel. Does it make you feel strong and confident, or does it hide the true you?

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