If you have a job interview coming up, you have to talk about yourself. And if your spring agenda is filling up with parties, graduations, weddings and soirees, talking about yourself is part of this busy schedule, too. But just the thought of talking about yourself makes most people cringe. So, if the thought of personal chit-chat makes you panic, keep reading for three clever tips to help you talk about your strengths and experiences instead.

Share your intelligence not your degrees

When people ask about yourself, the most obvious place to turn is your education. And so beings a resume-like report of your degrees, certifications, etc. But even if those are impressive, they don’t really say much about you and your intelligence.

So, instead, share a project you did that would highlight just how intelligent and smart you are. Besides, this is much better conversation material.

Share your passions

This tip is especially important if you’re in an interview. Instead of saying how passionate you are about something, share a personal experience that actually shows your passion in action. What’s more, your personal story doesn’t just make it clear that you’re passionate. It also shows why you’re so invested in a project, movement or product.

Don’t obsess about your goals

Goals are great. They motivate you and keep you moving forward. But don’t focus so much on the goal. Instead, share just how intelligent you are by discussing the process along the way.

Maybe this is moving up the career ladder. Maybe that’s pursuing higher education. Maybe that means remodeling and flipping your house. The process that you’re excited about depends on the goal you’re reaching for. So, why not talk about the process rather than the goal?

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