Living in a studio usually means one thing: very little real estate to work with. But that doesn’t mean you have to live in a shabby one bedroom. With some interior décor savvy, you can have a luxurious, albeit small, place to call home. Here’s how to add some luxurious space.

Think up

With limited space, it doesn’t take long before your room feels crowded. To avoid claustrophobia, think up. If space allows, keep your galleries and shelving units on the high end of the spectrum.

Create a bedroom

You might not have a separate room for your beauty sleep, but by hanging a tasteful curtain around your bed, you can set aside a special area where you can repose at the end of a long day. And to make it extra special, why not add some twinkle lights for a magical touch?

Shelves can double as a wall

If your entire apartment is one big room, you can still create definite borders and rooms by using shelving units as room dividers and walls. Ikea shelves are a budget-friendly option.

Mirror, mirror on the wall

To increase the natural light you already have, and to create a more expansive living space, install a large, floor-length mirror onto one of your walls. It adds depth, brightness and makes your studio feel a bit more luxurious.

Choose white

You might be over minimal interiors, but keeping your studio white (or, at least monotone) will help keep it easy on the eyes – too many colors can make a small space feel crowded and messy.

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