Easy stretches for tight shoulders

If you work at a computer, there’s a very good chance your shoulders are pretty tight. But this tightness doesn’t stay in your shoulders. It can creep down into your arms and cause tightness in the neck, too. Besides this, it’s just super uncomfortable. So, if you’re feeling a bit worse for wear and you need to let loose, try these seven easy stretches. 

Casey Ho, Youtube-famous pilates instructor and founder of Blogilates, shares these amazing and easy stretches. Give ‘em a go and see what a difference they make.

Single knee shoulder twist

Begin in chair pose, and rotate your upper body up toward the ceiling. Raise the top arm straight overhead. Draw the other arm across your chest. Hold and remember to breath!

Wide stance with a backward arm lift

Stand with feet hips width apart. Clasp your hands behind your back and bend forward at your hips, allowing your arms to go up overhead. Hold and as always, breathe deeply.

Arm behind elbow pull

Stand tall, with feet planted hips width apart. Bending one arm, place the forearm alongside your back. Draw the other arm across the abdomen and with that hand, clasp the opposite elbow. Switch to the other side for a balanced stretch. 

Double elbow pull

Here, bring both arms behind the back and clasp opposite elbow with opposite hand. 

Wide backwards prayer pulse

Bring both hands behind your back and place them in the prayer position. Then, gently pulse your arms forward and back – as though you had wings. 

Backwards over-under touch

Draw your left arm up and drop your forearm down your back. Place your right arm behind your back and bring your right hand up to meet the left. Hold, and then switch arms. Here, it’s optional to use a towel, rope or band if you can’t reach your hands. 

Overhead rainbows using a band

Overhead rainbows are the same concept as “Backwards over-under touch.” But here, instead of aiming to touch both hands, allow the top hand to hold a band/towel at shoulder’s height. The bottom hand should hold the band at hip’s height. Pull on the band in opposite directions to stretch the shoulder muscles. 

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