Spring is a great time to say out with the old, and in with the new – especially when it comes to your spring wardrobe! And if you already love boho, indie fashion, or want to give this look a try, don’t miss out on these seven fun Amazon fashion deals!

Moxeay Women’s Floral Print Off Shoulder Sleeveless Overlay Romper Playsuit in White Grey

Price: $11.00 (Get an additional 10% off with Amazon coupon)

Source: www.amazon.com

This playful romper is ideal for casual wear, or even for an evening cocktail. And with nine other designs to choose from, you can even double up on this versatile piece.

Rosa Vila Marble Mountain Necklace for Outdoor Lovers in Gold tone

Price: $14.24 (Get an additional discount with Amazon coupon)

Source: www.amazon.com

Whether you’re a great outdoors-woman or not, this minimalist necklace reminds you to stay grounded, and to also seek out new adventures.

Fihapyli Womens Causal V Neck Wraps Sexy T Shirt in Black

Price: $8.98

Source: www.amazon.com

This top has an Urban Outfitters feel, but it’s a fraction of the price. It’s a great piece whether you dress it up or down, and we think layering necklaces would look great here.

Rosa Vila Happiness Serotonin Molecule Necklace in rose gold tone

Price: $12.64

Source: www.amazon.com

Not into chemistry and neuroscience? No problem. This minimal necklace is still a meaningful piece for your collection. And maybe it can help you focus on what makes you happy, too.

QZUnique Women’s Sweater Cape Pullover Lace Shawl in White

Price: $15.00

Source: www.amazon.com

Perfect for cool evenings, this shawl adds an elegant indie vibe to your outfit. It’s also available in black, grey, khaki and red, too.

Rosa Vila Moon Phases Necklace in gold tone

Price: $12.64 (Save an additional discount with Amazon coupon)

Source: www.amazon.com

Whatever your astrological leanings are, enjoy this elegant, minimal piece retelling the moon’s monthly journey. And for any silver lovers out there, it’s available in silver, too.

Women Summer Off the Shoulder Boho Maxi Dress in 001-zihua

Price: $26.99

Source: www.amazon.com

Wear this boho dress to an outdoor concert, or on a date, or even when it’s just too hot to deal with everything else in your wardrobe. This fun piece is available in 14 patterns, so take your pick and enjoy.

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