Women are told to eat healthy fats and avoid lots of processed, added sugar. It’s a dietary approach with many benefits. For one thing, it’s good for hormonal balance, but it’s also good for your complexion, too. So, if you want to enjoy tasty desserts without wreaking havoc on your hormones and your skin, here are seven amazing desserts that tick all the right boxes.

Grain-free vegan chocolate chip cookies

Source: www.runningwithspoons.com

It’s hard to imagine how a chocolate chip cookie can be good without regular flour, butter and eggs. But that’s where this vegan, grain-free recipe comes in. Coconut oil and maple syrup are what make these a great replacement for this classic cookie.

Two-ingredient banana peanut butter ice cream

Source: www.twopeasandtheirpod.com

Ice cream is usually loaded with lots of added sugar and of course, dairy – both of which can be problematic for women. With just four bananas and two tablespoons of peanut butter, you get to enjoy a healthy and refreshing bowl of ice cream.

No-bake avocado lime cheesecake

Source: www.chefsheilla.com

Seven ingredients are all you need for a refreshing, no-bake lime cheesecake. And if the idea of avocados is off putting, think again. You don’t taste them at all. They just add a creamy, lush texture and taste. Yes, please!

Dairy-free fudgesicles (vegan, paleo)

Source: www.theroastedroot.net

Feel like a kid again with these irresistible fudgesicles. Raw cacao powder ( a powerful antioxidant), combined with heart-healthy avocados will make you reach for seconds.

Chocolat peanut butter avocado pudding

Source: www.minimalistbaker.com

You just need avocados, bananas, chocolate and peanut butter to make a pudding that’s the ultimate comfort food when you just need a little fix.

Grain-free avocado sweet potato brownie bites

Source: www.therealfoodrds.com

This is the ultimate crowd pleaser that no one will feel guilty about. Coconut oil, avocado and sweet potato puree create a gooey fudge brownie that’s oh-so-good.

Dark chocolate coconut oil fudge

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This tasty treat is dairy-free, naturally sweetened and jam-packed with healthy fats like coconut oil, and sweetened with maple syrup. For a special touch, add some toasted walnuts.

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