In an ideal world, we never argue with our significant others. But the reality is, this isn’t the case. Conflict is a normal part of any relationship. But what really matters is how we deal with this conflict and how we argue. So, if you feel like your arguments could be better (and most of us do), this post is for you. In fact, your just three tips away from healthy arguments.

Be objective, not emotional

In the heat of the moment, it’s all too easy to slam our partners with personal and emotional attacks. But this never leads to resolution or open communication. So, always focus on the facts and be as objective as possible.

Use arguments to explore the situation

We often approach arguments with an “I’m-right-you’re-wrong” perspective, but this doesn’t make space for your partner’s perspective or feelings. 

So, instead of looking at arguments as a battle field, look at them as a chance to explore and get to know your partner and where he’s coming from. This can help you grow in understanding and come up with a viable solution.

Remember you’re both on the same team

You both might hate the situation, but don’t let that blind you to the fact that you both love each other and that you’re on the same team. Remember that it’s not about winning the argument, having the upper hand or proving someone wrong. 

It’s about creating peace and moving forward together. Because when you win, your partner does, too.

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