There are so many affordable fashion brands out there. So, no matter what your budget is, you can usually find something you like. But what about those high-end, designer items? The price tag is enough to make most of us do a complete about-face and swipe right. But sometimes, it’s okay to make a hefty investment. The question is, how and when? These tips will help you make your next big splurge.

Avoid impulse shopping 

Lots of impulse purchases tend to be fashion failures. Without doing the proper research, it’s easy to buy now and regret later. So, take some time to pin down exactly what you want and why. 

Keep it classy

Yes, a trendy handbag from Louis Vuitton might be cool now, but will it look completely outdated next year, or even next season? To make the most out of your investment, always opt for classic, basic pieces that will stand the test of time.

Never go into debt for your style investment

You might be tempted to put your purchase on a credit card, but it’s always better to put in your due diligence and save. Sure, it takes longer, but it will keep you financially stable before and after you make your big purchase. 

See it and try it first

Online shopping is tricky business. Everything looks good because the model is gorgeous, the piece is styled right and the lighting is on fleek. But that doesn’t mean the piece will flatter you. So, whenever possible, try it on first and see how it looks on you. Or, at the very least, be sure the company has a good return policy in case it doesn’t work out. 

5 yoga poses for weak knees 

Women are prone to have weak knees, which can increase their risk for injury and pain. According to Timothy Hewett, Ph.D., and Director of Applied Research for the Cincinnati Sportsmedicine and Orthopaedic Center, biological differences, like wider hips and hormonal shifts, are two factors for weaker knees in women. Ladies: it’s important to be proactive and strengthen your knees. So, whether you’re a full-on athlete, or you’re someone who likes to take it easy, these five yoga poses help strengthen weak knees.

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3 exercises to sculpt your upper body 

Upper body strength is something women need to build up. We just have less of it than men. And this exercise circuit combines three simple, but super effective moves to tone your chest and sculpt your shoulders and triceps. Plus, it seriously engages your core. So, when you need a break from your lower body exercise routine, and want to focus on your upper body, give this circuit a try.

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