How to style your scarf this spring

When we talk about scarf styling tips, we’re not referring to those big, comfy blanket scarves that keep you warm all winter long. Pretty soon, you can trade those in for some lighter accessories. And to help you transition from your winter to spring wardrobe, here are five styling tips to ace your scarf game.

Style up your handbag


You might not want to replace your dark-colored handbag, but a cool silk scarf can add a fresh touch to your bag.

Around your neck a française


Trade in your jewelry for this effortlessly chic look. It’s a great way to style a basic tee and jeans outfit. But a scarf around your neck can be a dressy option, too.

In your top knot


For those days when your hair is greasy, but you just can’t be bothered to wash it yet, the best thing to do is pull it up. And for bad hair days like these, look no further than your trusty silk scarf. With this little accessory, you can instantly improve your messy bun and top knot.

Around your pony tail


Styling your hair in a pony tail might feel like a lazy way to do your hair. But enlisting a silk scarf to your decorate your tresses makes your simple hairdo look intentional and fun.

As a headband


Are your wispy fly-aways starting to drive you crazy? Wear a silk scarf as a headband can keep your hair in place. And the nice thing about these headbands is that you can tie them as tightly or as loosely as you want, and can avoid headaches and an itchy scalp.

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