Sometimes, it’s okay to feel you’re not good enough. After all, we can’t be the best at everything all the time, and it’s normal to realize when something isn’t your forte. But this is different from never feeling good enough no matter what you do – even the things you’re actually good at. People refer to this as imposter syndrome, and it makes life frustrating. These 5 tips can help you enjoy who you are and all you accomplish. 

5 tips to enjoy who you are and feel good enough

Capable, smart and talented people think they’re not good enough, but it’s possible to start chipping away at imposter syndrome, according to Stephanie Moulton Sarkis, Ph.D., therapist and author of Gaslighting Recognize Manipulative and Emotionally Abusive People – And Break Free. Here are her 5 tips to help:

Track your accomplishments 

Update your resume or CV regularly. That way, your most recent achievements are fresh on your mind.

Realize you don’t have to be perfect

There’s a lot of pressure to be perfect. Or at least, to be seen as perfect. But guess what, no one is, and when you let perfection go, it’s incredibly freeing and you can relax. 

Say “Thank you”

Who has helped you get to where you are today? Why not thank them for their guidance and support? 

Identify why you don’t feel good enough

Where do your feelings of inadequacy come from? Were you always told you weren’t good enough? Were you never praised for your accomplishments? Are you underrepresented in society or at work? Knowing  the source of your imposter syndrome can help you overcome it.

Say positive affirmations

At first, positive affirmations may feel strange and disingenuous. But The more you say them, the more you come to believe them. Here are some to consider: I am good enough. I am lovable just the way I am. I am sharing my gifts with the world. 

Now, go out and share your gifts, one day at a time – the world needs them.

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