Anxiety can really interfere with having a good day and getting on with life, and it can also go hand in hand with depression. According to the Anxiety and Depression Association of American, anxiety disorders affect 40 million adults throughout the United States. And even though anxiety can be debilitating, one little essential oil can helped: lavender. Scroll down to learn more about lavender essential oil.

Certified doctor of natural medicine, Dr. Josh Axe, explains that lavender essential oil helps to restore the nervous system and relieve restlessness, panic and nervousness.

In certain clinical trials, subjects inhaled lavender essential oil and they experienced a reduction in their stress and anxiety levels. Other research has found that when people take lavender oil orally (in the form of capsules), it helped to inhibit anxiety while watching anxiety-inducing film clips.

And if you’re scared of going for a medical appointment, lavender might be useful to you because it’s been shown to lower anxiety in patients going for surgery or dental appointments. What’s more, lavender essential oil can be useful for any pre-event anxiety, like public speaking, exams and interviews.

You might be wondering how you can use lavender essential oil to help ease your own experience of anxiety. It’s important to remember that even though essential oils are fragrant lovely little formulas, they’re also incredibly powerful.

So, never apply them directly to your skin or ingest them. In order to use them carefully and responsibly, they must first be diluted with a carrier oil before being applied to your skin.  If

If you’d like to try lavender essential oil to feel calm and relaxed, consult with a professional to use it safely and effectively.

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