Hilary Duff loves to wear glasses as a fashion accessory, and she’s combined this passion with fun design to create a stylish and inspiring eyewear collection for women. Her goal? To help you see better. But more importantly, Duff wants you to see just how beautiful you are and to be your own muse.

Muse x Hilary Duff is Duff’s brand new collection, that includes 24 different styles, all of which can be turned into sunglasses if you want. Duff describes her collection as “eclectic, fun [and] fashionable.”

She’s been working on the Muse x collection for over a year, carefully handpicking every frame, style, shape, color and material. And the reason why this project is so important to her is because she knows that when you feel better in your own skin – no matter what you look like – you feel special, beautiful and more confident.

Source: www.people.com

By naming each and every pair after women who “have really made their stamp on the world”, like Marylin Monroe and Jane Austen, Duff wants to inspire women to feel empowered to live big, too.

And if you like to switch things up and play with style, the Muse x collective gives women the opportunity to tap into a different side of their personality whenever they want.

Once you see this collection, you’ll probably fall in love with all of them, and since the frames are inexpensive ($89 to $114), you can even have several pairs.

The collection launches today and it’s available exclusively at Glasses USA, so if you’re looking for a new pair of glasses are just need a good fashion accessory, see what Muse x Hilary Duff has to offer.