We might think we’re progressive, forward-thinking and open-minded. But the truth is, many of us aren’t as open-minded as we’d like. And that’s fine if you live in a bubble. But most of us don’t. Instead, we have to interact, cooperate and compromise with other people every single day. And having an open mind is essential if we want to coexist in a peaceful way.

Why it’s hard to have an open mind

When we talk about something that’s important to us, like politics, diet, lifestyle or spirituality, for example, it’s usually not a casual, objective discussion.

That’s because we strongly identify with these topics. In short, these beliefs systems and values define who we are. 

Here’s why that’s problematic.

When we hear an idea that challenges or contradicts our own ideas, it’s not just that the idea itself is threatened. It’s that you feel threatened and attacked.

But we can avoid feeling threatened – and therefore emotionally charged and super defensive – when we develop awareness. 

Awareness of what? You might be asking

Awareness of your emotions. After all, it’s natural to feel threatened and defensive when something you hold dear is challenged. 

But that doesn’t mean we should let this response go haywire. Instead, when this happens, move through this simple checklist:

  • Observe your emotional response, and simple say: Huh, that’s interesting. 
  • Then, remember that you are still you, and that you are still safe, even if there’s a contradicting idea or belief.
  • Finally, remember that your mind is totally capable of thinking about an opposing thought – even if you don’t agree with it.

When we can become more aware of ourselves and our emotional reactions, we are one step closer to having a more open mind. And this can help us engage with people with greater freedom and ease. 

Is getting enough sleep a nightly challenge for you? Sure, you go to bed at a reasonable hour, but you wake up feeling tired, and fight off sleep for the rest of the day. 

It’s no way to live, and you need a solution that actually works. Have you heard of sleep opportunity? It’s a new concept, but a very simple one. What’s more – it’s life changing, and it just might be the solution you need to get enough sleep – finally! 

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Night owls get a bad rap. They’re seen as lazy and unmotivated, but that’s definitely not the case. Instead, the body’s internal clock and genetics play a huge role in determining whether you’re an early bird or a night owl. 

Nonetheless, night owls are forced to keep up with early risers, and this puts them at risk for being more sleep deprived than others. So, here’s what you need to know about night owls and why it’s time to stop shaming them.

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