Lower back pain? Avoid these 7 ab exercises 

No matter where you look on social media, one thing’s for sure: abs are where it’s at. Strengthening your core helps to support your back – and entire body! But you can also make back pain worse if you do the wrong ab exercises. So, if your lower back is painful and sore, you can still work your abs. Just be sure to avoid these seven ab exercises. 

Lower back muscles are core muscles

When discussing the “core”, we tend to think about abs and 6-packs. But your abdominal muscles only make up a small part of your entire core muscle group.  And when you’re doing a core workout, you’re not just dealing with your abs. You’re dealing with a much larger muscle group.

Your core goes from your glutes all the way up to your “lats” (the latissimus dorsi muscles in the middle of your back). This means your lower back muscles are actually part of your core. 

What causes lower back pain?

Sometimes, when your core is weak, it causes lower back pain. Other reasons for this type of pain are having bad form, tight muscles, and fatigue. 

7 ab exercises to avoid if you have lower back pain

When your lower back is painful and sore, stay away from these seven exercises. And if any other exercise move causes you pain, avoid that, too.

Exercises when you’re flat on your back:

Low leg lifts

Source: www.womenshealthmag.com

Leg throws

Source: www.skimble.com

Exercise moves when you’re bending forward:

GHD sit-ups

Source: www.power-systems.com


Source: www.befitnesstraining.co.za

Hanging leg lifts 

Source: www.yurielkaim.com

Twisting exercise moves:

Bicycle crunches

Source: www.popsugar.com

Russian twists 

Source: www.blog.tobi.com

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