There’s something new in the beauty world: rose quartz energy hair combs. Say what? It might seem strange, but the truth is gemstones have been making their way into personal products for some time. There’s the jade roller and even the controversial jade eggs. But what’s the deal with a comb made from rose quartz?

What is a rose quartz energy hair comb?


It’s no secret that we attribute healing and energetic properties to gemstones. And each handcrafted rose quartz comb is said to transform not only your beauty routine but your self-care practice, too. 

Because rose quartz symbolizes love and positivity, using the comb just might help you brush away the day’s stress and negativity. 

According to L.A.-based hair artist, Andi Scarbrough and creator of Crown Works,  “Your hair is like a diary,” that basically acts like a place to keep memories and emotions stored. So, to help her clients let go of thoughts, beliefs and emotions that no longer serve them – but still stick around in their hair stands – Scarbrough came up with crystal combs, like this Rose Quartz Crystal Comb. 

For girls who are already into energy healing, a rose quartz energy hair comb is the perfect addition to their beauty routine. Whether you use it in your hair or to keep it nearby, it can work in a similar way to other crystals and gemstones in your collection.

But even if you’re not convinced about the healing properties of a quartz comb, it can still be a beautiful and Instagram-worthy piece to have in your collection.

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