Valentine’s Day wouldn’t feel like Valentine’s Day if you didn’t have those sweet little conversation heart cookies. Even though the cute (and outdated) sayings don’t really resonate anymore, you still include them in your romantic holiday. It’s tradition. So, why not update these little treats with conversation heart cookies that are relevant, and something you’d actually want to eat? Look no further than these show-stopping conversation heart cookies. 

As a kid, making and exchanging Valentine’s is fun and festive, but as an adult, Valentine’s become serious, sexy and sort of expensive. But these conversation heart cookies put the fun back into this love fest, and you’re sure to have a couple laughs while you bake up this goodies.


Steph, the creator of I Am a Food Blog, goes to town, starting with a basic sugar cookie recipe, taken from the Martha Steward archives. You’ll need about two hours to make 32 simple heart-shaped cookies.

Then, the real fun begins when you make some royal icing to paint your cookies with whatever color you choose. Sure, red and pink are stereotypical Valentine’s Day colors, but you can go with cool millennial blues and greens, as Steph does here.

But what really makes these tasty conversation heart cookies a winner is the actual words you write on them. You and your friends can brainstorm together, and top them off with inside jokes, favorite quotes or your most creative quips.

You can enjoy them with your morning coffee, and gift them at the office. Either way, these baked treats are a fun way to brighten up everyone’s Valentine’s Day.

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