Where would you be without your girlfriends? In fact, where would any of us be without our BFF’s? We need girlfriends to laugh with, cry with and grow with. But having thriving and healthy relationships isn’t something you can leave to chance. It’s something you have to cultivate and work on regularly. These four principles help you to enjoy the friendships you have for a long time. 

Listen, listen, listen

It’s difficult to be truly present and listen to what someone is saying to you because 1), our mind is usually busy elsewhere, or 2), we project our own stories onto their experiences. Instead of doing either of these two (common) things, practice just listening. It goes a long way in creating a relationship that lasts.

Avoid gossip

This one might be tricky, but avoid gossip – no ifs, ands or buts. Bashing your friends when they’re not around, i.e., gossiping, breaks trust, causes pain and isn’t the sign of a loving and caring friend. 

Give up judgment  

You will not always approve of your friends decisions. But the wonderful thing about being someone’s friend is that you don’t have to. You can disagree with their decision, but still accept your friends for who they are – intricate and complex human beings who you get to share your life with. 

Give your friendship time

Everyone has different comfort levels and boundaries. Instead of pushing your girlfriends to be too intimate too soon, allow your friendship to develop over time. When you do, you build trust – the backbone of every healthy, and long-lasting friendship. 

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