Work, relationships, life. They can all stress us out. And if we don’t deal with negative emotions, they stay trapped in our body. That’s why yoga is a great way to help the body release tension and stress, and let things go. So, no matter where you are in your yoga practice and no matter if you do yoga or not, here’s the ultimate yoga pose you can do to let things go.

Adriene Mishler, yoga teacher and founder of Yoga with Adriene, recommends doing a Kundalini exercise called “Knocking on Heaven’s Door.” Here’s what you do.


Stand with feet hip-width apart with a strong footing and a soft bend in your knees. You can leave your palms open or close your hands into fists. Then, begin to swing side to side.

As you get into the swing of things, try to connect your movement with your breath, inhaling and exhaling in sync with your movement.

Adriene encourages you to just have fun with it and get lost in the movement. You can do this exercise for about a minute and once you’re done, bring your feet together and bring your palms together at your heart.

Remember to continue to breath and enjoy how you feel because chances are, you’re going to feel great. That’s because we tend to carry a lot of tension and responsibility in our shoulders and moving our arms this way, helps us relax not only our arms, but also all that nasty tension, too.