If you’re a jeans and tee kind of gal, it can be a challenge to step away from your uniform and actually wear anything else. However, after a while, even your beloved jeans and tee uniform can start to feel boring and uninspired. If that’s the case, here are five style alternatives to wearing jeans day in and day out.

Maxi skirt

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Flowy and floaty, maxi skirts might just be the easiest way to dress for summer. Throw on a tank, cami or your favorite tee for a winning outfit. Bonus: no shaving required.


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Jumpsuits can be both formal and casual, but one thing’s for sure: jumpsuits are a complete outfit, all in one piece. No more stressing about matching tops and bottoms and putting together a clever outfit. 

Scallop Shorts

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If you’re trying to steer clear of denim shorts, why not go for scallop shorts instead? They’re classy, slightly dressy and give you an instant put-together look. Slip on some heels for a perfectly acceptable date night outfit. 

Mini Skirt

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Despite the fact that shaving is inevitable here, it’s well worth the extra effort. Mini skirts can be a flattering, fun way to show some leg and feel a little sexy.


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Like jumpsuits, overalls are a top to bottom piece that can take away a lot of outfit worry. Pair it with a simple tee or tank, or if it’s extra hot outside, you can even get away with a pretty bralette or tankini. 

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