Why your skin looks dull and tired 

Dewy, glowy skin is all the rage right now. But if all you see is dull and tired skin every time you look in the mirror, you probably feel distressed and frustrated. So, if you’re not sure why your skin is looking a bit worse for wear, here are some potential reasons. 

Your diet is high in processed foods 

Healthy, vibrant skin really does start on the inside out. So, if your diet is high in processed foods, with lots sugar, salty fare and trans fats, there’s a good chance your skin will start to suffer, too. Instead, load up on antioxidants, healthy fatty acids and lots of delicious fiber.

Are you stressed or angry?

Stress happens to everyone, but if you don’t cope with your stressors in a healthy way, it will make your skin look dull. That’s because stress increases the hormone, cortisol. Cortisol interferes with healthy skin cell growth and can lead to lots of dead skin cell build up – leaving with with tired looking skin.

You’re not sleeping enough

Beauty sleep might be an old adage, but it’s just as true today as it ever was. When you sleep, your body rejuvenates, restores and repairs itself – and that goes for the skin on your face. So, if you’re skimping on sleep, your skin is going to suffer, too.

You’re not exfoliating

It’s natural for dead skin cells to build up, so it’s a good idea to exfoliate regularly. This doesn’t mean you should exfoliate every day, or that you need to exfoliate with rough products. 

Think about working with your skin type to find the perfect exfoliant to remove dull, dead skin and reveal the fresh new layer below. 

5 tips to cope with summer depression

Even though summer is supposed to be a fun and relaxing time, it’s the exact opposite for people with summer depression. And while there are several different reasons why people get summer depression, it’s definitely a real experience for some people. So, it’s best not to ignore it and brush it aside. Instead, try these five simple tips to cope with feelings of depression during the sunny season.

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