3 10-minute workouts to fit in before breakfast

If we don’t get our fitness routine done first thing in the morning, there’s a good chance it never happens. We all know how hard it is to find time to exercise once the day gets rolling. So, if you want to squeeze in a quick and effective workout before breakfast, you need something quick. And that’s where these three routines come in handy. Each one is just 10 minutes or less, but they’ll get you fit fast.

The Scientific 7 Minute Workout Video by Fitness Blender

In just seven minutes, you move through 12 different exercises. You do each exercise move for 30 seconds with a 10 second active rest in between.

It’s a very quick workout, but as long as you push yourself through every active interval, you work your entire body – and the only equipment you need is a chair.

10 Minute Morning Workout by Self

This workout combines strengthening exercises and cardio for a well-rounded, full body routine. Start with one minute of dynamic stretching.

Then, do one minute of push-ups, one minute of plank holds, and one minute of squats. Repeat this circuit three times. And voila! You’re done!

10 Minute High Intensity Workout by XHIT Daily

If you like the 7 Minute Workout above, but want something a little more challenging, go for this workout. You get just eight exercises, but they’re definitely more intense.

You do each one for 20 seconds, with a 10 second “break.” It pushes you to your limit but after 10 minutes, you walk away knowing that you just did something big – and you did!

We all know exercise is important. And maybe you’ve even heard that taking 10,000 steps every day is the magic number for health and wellness. But if that’s just not feasible for you and your current lifestyle, there’s no need to panic. Research shows that taking three quick walks is not only great for your health, but maybe even better than the 10,000-step ideal. Here’s why.

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