3 clever ways to overcoming indecision

Do you have a hard time making decisions? Every day, we all make hundreds of decisions – some more important than others. And nothing’s more frustrating than when you can’t decide what to do. Indecision can slow you down and stress you out. So, if you struggle to make decisions, keep reading for these three clever ways to overcoming indecision

From the time you wake up to the time you go to bed, you make lots of basic decisions – what to wear, what to eat, which mug to pour your coffee into, etc. These little decisions matter, but they’re not life and death situations.

But there are many decisions that aren’t so inconsequential. Depending on your life situation and your career, you probably face decisions that come with a lot of pressure, and so much is on the line.

The fear of messing up can keep you stuck in decision fatigue. But let’s face it, eventually you have to make a decision. So, to help you feel calm, centered and certain, consider these three tips when it comes time to decide.

Optimize the best time of day for decision making

If you’re hungry or tired, it’s going to be more difficult to make the best decision. Therefore, if you have important choices to make, allocate them to the best time of day – and that will vary from person to person. For some, it’s straight in the morning, or after a good meal, or fresh after your workout.

Free up mental space

Free up your brain power to help you make better decisions by getting smaller choices out of the way. So, instead of wasting time and energy meal planning, and choosing outfits, plan everything out either the night before, or over the weekend. This will free up a lot of mental space and allow you to focus on more important decisions.

Get out of your head

Sometimes, when you’re all caught up in an important, high-pressure decision, you can start to go a little crazy, taking every little detail into consideration. Give yourself a break, and get out of your head. Talk about it with a colleague, your partner, or write it out or say it out loud. Sometimes, getting it out of your mind helps you to see it with a pair of fresh eyes.

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