3 inspiring ways to enjoy a break from the internet

We need the internet. There’s no way around that. But we also need an occasional break from the internet. And unfortunately, this simply doesn’t happen enough. When it does, we’re not even sure what to do with ourselves without social media and our favorite websites. So, if you could do with an Internet break, but you’re a bit apprehensive, consider these inspiring ideas. They’re bound to make you feel better and refreshed.

Return to your hobbies

Hobbies. Now, that’s a word we don’t use much anymore. What for? We have Instagram to scroll through instead. But take some time to return to your no-phone hobbies, like painting, writing, music-making, reading, sketching, photography, cooking, baking, hiking, biking, etc. 

You get the picture. There’s a world of things to do. The only problem is, we’re not in the habit of doing them anymore. 

See your girlfriends in real life

According to UCLA research, spending time with your female friends is one of the best things you can do when you go offline. That’s because it increases oxytocin, a feel-good, anti-stress hormone that helps us feel calm, connected and loved. 

Be your own biggest fan

We often turn to social media and online spaces for approval, affirmation and praise from others. But instead of depending on this outside approval, cultivate your own self-love and self-appreciation. 

So, take time to acknowledge your skills and accomplishments, and show yourself lots of love and appreciation. 

When you enjoy your hobbies, hang out with your BFF’s and practice self-love, taking a break from the internet doesn’t seem so bad, now does it?

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