3 natural ways to get sun-kissed hair 

It would be amazing if our hair looked sun-kissed all on its own. But sadly, that’s not always the case. Even the most natural, minimal-effort looks have a lot happening behind the scenes. So, if you want your hair to have that sun-kissed summer vibe, you’re going to want to check out these three natural ways to nail that look.

Lemon juice spray

Lemon juice is an oldie, but a goodie when it comes to lightening hair. What’s more, it’s affordable and something you can do right at home. 

All you need is the juice of about three lemons, diluted with some water and mixed together in a spray bottle. Then, spray your solution onto the areas of your hair that you want lightened. Just be sure to condition your hair to prevent dryness. 

Klorane Sun Lightening Spray with Chamomile and Honey

If you’d like something more low maintenance, this spray is perfect for blondes and light brown hair. There are no bleaching agents so you can avoid potential hair damage. Plus, castor oil helps to keep hair nourished and healthy.

Rhubarb rinse 

Believe it or not, rhubarb is an all-natural lightening for dark haired dames. Some recipes recommend using dried rhubarb but if you don’t have that, fresh rhubarb works, too. 

Simmer one stalk of rhubarb in four cups of water for about an hour. Strain the water and what you’re left with is a rinse to use after your normal shampoo and conditioning routine. The rhubarb rinse gives hair a warm, glowy color. 

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