When you style your outfit for the day, you might feel like you have to choose between your favorite necklaces because “less is more”. But thanks to this year’s jewelry trend, the more necklaces the better. That’s because layering is seriously in vogue and here are three ways for you to nail this look. Scroll down to read more about layered necklaces.

One of the first things to keep in mind when you’re putting your look together is to create balance. So, if you’re going heavy with necklaces, keep your top simple. For example, a minimal top, with a solid neutral color can be the perfect backdrop for your necklaces.

Anything more, and your outfit might look too busy and maybe even messy. And besides, you want your layered necklaces to steal the spotlight, not the other way around. So here’s how to do that.

Coins, Charms and Stones

Whether your jewelry collection contains precious stones, crystals, pendants, charms or coins, you can mix and match to create a curated selection of meaningful pieces. For inspiration, check out this mix from Missoma which includes their Lucy Williams Octagon Medallion Necklace.

Source: www.missoma.com

Mix your metals

You might think you can only wear matching metals, but that’s simply not the case anymore. In fact, if the chains are similar in size, you can mix different metals to your heart’s content.

Source: www.goop.com

Third time’s a charm

Now, you can layer as many necklaces as you like, but keeping it to three strands might be the perfect balance. Two necklaces seems unfinished, and anything above three can leave you with tangled chains and too much overlap. This Long Interstellar Star Necklace makes it easy to get just the right amount of layering.

Source: www.missoma.com

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